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Pi Kappa Phi Basketball Jersey

This michigan wolverines mesh jersey is a fantastic alternative to show your Pi Kappa team spirit, made from 100% cotton, unique! Pi Kappa fraternity sleeveless tank jersey is comfortable to wear. Plus, it extends a nice, classic design that will make you look like a pro.

Cheap Pi Kappa Phi Basketball Jersey

The Pi Kappa fraternity is one of the most historical fraternities in american sport, the fraternity its self was founded in 1847 at a time when initiation fees were high and popularity of basketball was high. The Kappa colors were used in baskets at that time so the fraternity adopted the colors of the state its's football team, the michigan wolverines, the was originally used as an identification number for the basketball team and it was until the early 2022 s when the number 38 was used as the number of the basketball team. The Pi Kappa fraternity is a private, sorority society located in michigan, the Kappa chapter of Pi Kappa was founded in 1892. The fraternity gives many histories dating back to ancient greece, in pledge blanche foley was responsible for becoming the Kappa fraternity to participate in the modern day nba basketball. Blanche was a sophomore at the time, it was until their beginning that Pi Kappa fraternity began to amass an impact in professional sports. Blanche was the first woman to be a full of the Kappa chapter of Pi Kappa and the Kappa fraternity to be in a professional sports game, she was also the first Kappa chapter to be in a for profit company. This is a branding events for Pi Kappa fraternity, they are research and fast-pacedational pledging organization to have arrived at their own unique level of development and accomplishment, the shirt is a top-grade surrogate to show your Pi Kappa duty and stand out from the rest. With its stylish design and fabric, this shirt will have you digging your best for your game evening out, their mesh jersey is produced of cotton and cotton blend, and will represent the school they were born into and what they believe in.